Blade Runner bugs & Wikipedia


On current computers, a few bugs have appeared, notably:

  • When the player is faced with a bomb in act 2, there is not enough time to escape.
  • In the firing range at the police station, targets never pop up, or pop up only after a considerable amount of time.

There are several ways to fix those bugs. Slowing down the computer by overloading it with CPU intensive software is reliable, but the best method is using a framerate limiter like the one provided by Fraps. Making the game run at a constant 25 fps with such tools fix these bugs.

Another randomly appearing bug is corrupted graphics upon launching the game, which can usually be fixed by alt-tabbing out to the desktop then alt-tabbing back into the game.

Cet ajout que j’avais fait à wikipedia sur les bugs connus du jeu Blade Runner a été annulé, donc je garde une copie ici (la version corrigée sans les fautes, c’est encore mieux).

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